As a service to its member libraries and their communities, the South Central Kansas Library System offers planning and training for digitization of materials of historical interest. 

Additionally, the hosting platform (funded by the South Central Kansas Library System) provides a content management solution with open access to those materials.  This ongoing project is open to SCKLS members - public, school, academic and special libraries - to facilitate creating and maintaining their own digital collections. 

Eligible materials and information will relate to the history of the library, its local community and/or the state of Kansas, or be of significant and unique cultural value. 

The original materials may exist in a variety of formats, including:

  • Maps, plats
  • Text documents
  • Drawings
  • Photographs
  • Diaries or letters
  • Obituaries and indexes
  • Postcards and ephemera
  • Objects or artifacts
  • Audio 
  • Video

This project uses Omeka, an open source digital asset management software which was designed specifically for digital libraries.  After training, library staff members are responsible for digitizing and uploading their content and maintaining their library‚Äôs site.  In some cases, libraries may choose to partner with other organizations in their community to provide access to even more historical items.

Watch the 10-minute video below for an overview of the project and a quick tour of several local history collections.